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We Define, Specify and Care. It is this way that we guarantee the development of the ENVELOPE


" We bring innovative developing concepts of performance specification and building systems  "

We gather roof, facade, waterproofing, and access consulting to deliver integrated, coherent and eficient solutions.

Performance Specification
Matrix Model of Building Systems
Detailed On-sight Inspections
Commissioning of the Envelope
Technical Asset Management
Mock-Ups Management
Elaboration of Critical Projects
Process Analysis and Pathologies
Inspections with Applied Technology



Conscious that the Envelope investment represents between 30-40% of the resource application, premature decisions about it are fundamental.

We orchestrate these investment decisions with development, durability and operability tools and premises.

We offer to the designers Envelope Specification and Development tools that ease the decision making process and increase it's consolidation during the construction.


​We grant specification development assistance and constructive premisses to specialized consultants.


The Specification tools and mechanisms allow the builders and installers to analyse the complexity of the constructive systems and of the procedure requirements, which allows them to scale the instaling teams correctly and to clarify the management team constructive goals. 

The constructive system differentiation is given in the details, in the accuracy and in the product development. 

​Only the Specification matrices with the building system deconstruction may consciously show the complexity and reliability of the offered solutions.

Owners and Investors
Architects and Consultants
Builders and Contractors
Manufacturers and Suppliers


Services focused on project management, performance indicators generation, dynamic descriptive memorials, and planning tasks.

Management services, developing a logical and trustworthy process for the constructive systems adquisition and the hired installing services.

Services oriented to guarantee the quality of the installing processes and of the construction control, with field and management activities with the providers.

Technical property control services - more specifically of the envelope - allowing proactive, preventive and corrective actions, with the intention of maintaining the value of the asset.



specifiers and developers

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